Ffxiv User Agreement

We may immediately suspend or suspend your access to the Services if you do not object to any of these restrictions or if you do not object to these Terms of Use. (iii) Nothing in these Terms of Service is intended to (a) prevent or restrict your access to software intended for use on a Microsoft video game platform, including with respect to related updates or digital content; or (b) otherwise settle or modify your relationship with Microsoft under Microsoft`s current agreements with you, including the Xbox Live Terms of Service. We will not remove content containing data mining outside of music files. Normally, a new thread is displayed on a patch day and some users will look for a fix as soon as it looks for information about equipment, enemies, achievements, items, etc. Apart from the music restriction mentioned above, we allow discussions about data mining. Messages about leaks and data mining should be spoilers in accordance with Rule 3. For certain features of the Services, you may be required to register an account on Square Enix («Account»). You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and all activities that take place on your account. When registering an account, you agree: (i) You do not use any username or email address that presents itself as another natural or legal person or that personally identifies it; (ii) provide and maintain accurate information; and iii) You will not sell your account to third parties or let anyone else use your account. Square Enix may block or terminate your account at any time and for any reason, even if Square Enix believes that you have violated these Terms of Service.

Regardless of the foregoing, if you live in France, Square Enix will notify you at least thirty (30) days in advance before terminating your account. To appeal a /r/ffxiv Discord server ban, complete this form: forms.gle/jwRaKayxcnhcyuoy9 you warrant and agree that (a) you will have the right to grant, assign and confirm the rights allegedly granted, assigned and confirmed under this Agreement; (b) nothing in the material (or in its use by or for Square Enix) (i) violates or violates the rights of third parties, ii) does not contain obscene, offensive or defamatory material, iii) that discredits the company; and (c) you will immediately cooperate with Square Enix in all claims that are asserted or threatened with respect to the Material. K. Global agreement. These Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Statement, Additional Terms and all other Terms of Use relevant to your use of the Services, constitute the understanding and agreement between the parties regarding your use of the Services and supersede all prior or concurrent oral or written communications. We will not take any action if discussion articles are leaked, for example.B. comment, delete or approve such contributions, for which the source is not from the Subreddit moderation team. If the source comes from the moderation team, we will take action for the contribution and the user.. .