Pa Chc Mco Agreement

Those affected are notified in each area at least 90 days before the start of the Community HealthChoices (CHC). Within this time frame, consumers will have the choice of the MCO plan for which they wish to register. All current support coordinations and other services, as well as all existing service providers, will continue during this period. What do consumers need to know to prepare for this change? During the 180-day transitional period, all existing providers will continue to provide services. After the first 180 days, MCOs have the option to include providers in their networks or exclude them based on the quality of services provided by each provider. Rest assured that JEVS at Home will continue to provide the exceptional services that consumers have trusted for years. The excellent MCOs are AmeriHealth Caritas; Pennsylvania Health – Wellness (Centene); and, UPMC for you (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). If you are a Pennsylvania person who currently receives home and community based Services (HCBS) through one of the existing Medicaid waiver declarations (Aging Waiver, Age Hostels, Independence Waiver, OBRA Waiver and COMMCARE Waiver) or a person authorized for Medicare and Medicaid, it is important that you know that the Department of Human Services has terminated all declarations of waivers , a global program called Community HealthChoices (CHC). CARF International is an independent, not-for-profit lender of health care and human services providers. The acquisition of CARF accreditation demonstrates that an organization strives to improve efficiency, tax health and service delivery, and demonstrates accountability and compliance with internationally recognized standards that promote excellence in the service sector. Jevs at Home is currently following the CARF accreditation, which underscores our commitment to quality and service excellence.

CHC`s goal is to improve the health, safety and well-being of nearly 450,000 Pennsylvanians through the coordination of health care, health care and long-term health care through a plan that combines all of these services. See the link below for full information about the Community HealthChoices program. Services will be provided through Community HealthChoices to all current participants in the Department of Human Services Office of Long Term Living (OLTL) from age 21, adults 21 years of age and older who require Medicaid waiver services (whether in the community or in a health care facility) and those eligible for Medicaid and Medicare services , whether they need or receive exemption benefits. Following a strategic request for proposals, three Manae Care Organizations (MCOs) were awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for the management of this new initiative. The transition of this plan will take place in three phases: southwestern Pennsylvania from January 2018; southeastern Pennsylvania from July 2018; the rest of the state from January 2019.