Sample Confidentiality Agreement For Suppliers

The supplier will provide high quality translation work and follow all the quality procedures specified by the company, applying specific guidelines (spelling verification, correction, use of consistent terminology, use of specific customer terminology…) as stated in each order. If you accept each task, you hereafter confirm that the returned file has been verified according to the translation checklist list indicated in the project mission email. All rights to files and data created by the supplier under the contract, including intermediate files and data, are transferred to the company`s customer for payment. Any provision of this agreement, including the price list, may be amended by individual agreements concluded in writing. The translator must process confidential information and not disclose it to third parties, including as part of an appropriate confidentiality agreement between the translator and these third parties, and may not use this information for their own benefit or for the benefit of third parties without Pangeanic`s prior written consent, but not for the information that: the supplier will take all necessary measures to enforce and thwart all the conditions of this agreement with regard to staff, independent contractors, subcontractors and consultants. Compensation for services under this framework agreement is agreed in individual agreements. The Company`s standard payment terms are stated in the GENERAL TERMS OF PAYMENT document and are industry standard (45 days after the end of the billing month). From August 1, 2015, all invoices will be processed through Pangeanic`s supplier portal E-mail invoices are not accepted.

Our supplier portal allows translators to check the status of their account, past and unpaid invoices, current orders, etc. All translation companies have standard terms or supplier contracts with their suppliers. We follow the standard PROCEDUREs EN15038 and ISO9001, so that all our relationships with our language specialists must be covered to ensure full traceability. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose. The amendments to this agreement are valid unless they are agreed in writing. The supplier agrees that all documents and information received from the company`s customer and all company and project information are strictly confidential and that this information is not disclosed without the entity`s prior written permission or provided to third parties. This obligation also applies to all documents or information that are produced as part of the performance of a contract under the agreement. This obligation will persist after the end of the framework agreement.

This agreement is not obliged to require Pangeanic to maintain new relations or other trade agreements with the translator.