Sap Maintain Edi Partner Agreements

In EDI documents, you can refer business partners to other SAP documents. Each partner is assigned a partner function. The standard version defines the six partner functions AG (sold-to party), LF (Vendor), RE (Bill-to Party), RG (pay), WE (ship-to party) and RS (accounting party) and cannot be changed. 2.1 Under the KU partner type, I created the outgoing settings SP -DESADV and SP -SHPMNT 7. Finally very important > hope that you have not activated the TEST box in the Exit Partner Profile field>outbound parameter>partner functions… Manage EDI partnership agreements for Partner XXXX. Be sure to create entries for the output command as well as outgoing settings. You cannot use the EDI transmission with this partner. 6. in the Message Control tab – did you keep the corresponding entries? When you manage condition tables, you save partners to whom you want to send data via the EDI interface to control messages for each application. Hello Amsterdam, Are you still under error massage when creating the output .

Maintaining outgoing EDI login data for XXXX partners «The system could not find EDI partnership agreements (from) for documents sent by EDI to partners established in partnership agreements only if you also maintained the corresponding configuration table in message control. You have two ways to activate the partnership agreement: 5. In the Outbound Options tab — have you retained the receiving port? even in the basic type – have you kept the type of message? For more information on maintaining partnership agreements, see the «WF – EDI Interface – Base» manual. For more information on the output command in the SD system, see the SD Basic Functions and Master Data manual and the output command chapter (see «Exit») in the implementation manual. The following examples relate to the allocation of the new coding to partner numbers described in point 2 of the actions: in this stage, in the «Process Technique» menu option, you take parameters for partnership agreements via the Menu Track Tools -> Administration -Administration > Administration – process technology > -> EDI in the same system, as I try to have an outbound delivery (NL type), a definition of output type that triggers an IDOC solution that generates an incoming delivery for the installation. Does that make sense? If it`s the trap process, I try to maintain everything that`s needed in WE20, but I don`t get it. Previously, I created a copy of LAVA, condition table, Acess sequence, condition. So far, I can see that by changing the delivery, I can choose the type of output, but I can`t save it, because it`s flawless with: «EDI connection data in progress for partners» Can someone get me back on track? And is this feasible for a SAP logistics man? For this XXXX partner, two configurations are needed to solve the problem in WE20: .

. . And that`s the link to HELP. SAP.COM, mainly by adding the field to the communication 5100060b03c6b76/frameset.htm Annexes: Up to 10 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 Mb and a total of 10.5 Mb. 2.2 In the CONTROL message option, I added the V2 app, the LAVA message type and the SD05 or SD11 process code depending on the message. -My new type of ZLAV output has the RSNASTED program and the EDI_PROCESSING form routine.