The Roommate Agreement Screws You

Past Leonard: Under the roommate agreement, I have the right to allocate 50% of the cubic records of public spaces. Past Sheldon: You asked me what I wanted. I was just about to go in. I`m here because you violated our roommate agreement. In particular, section 8, visits, subsection C, females, paragraph 4, coitus. The roommates give themselves 12 hours in advance on the coitus to come. Past Sheldon: That`s right. They crossed the first barrier for the roommate. You can come in. Sheldon says the agreement is supposed to be beneficial to him and does not apply to him. He often breaks the rules. Penny pays for the apartment as a waitress and two scientists are roommates in the same building? Sheldon: (Voice off): No, you don`t agree to the roommate agreement. The roommate agreement stares at you. The roommate agreement was written by Sheldon and signed by Leonard when they became roommates for the first time.

These events were reported during a flash-return. Sheldon begins to mention in the episode «The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem» paragraphs of a friendship treatise. Subsequent episodes describe him as a roommate agreement, and Sheldon continues to quote him throughout the series, usually when one of the clauses is violated. We realized that. In the 2010 episode «The Plimpton Stimulation», Sheldon Leonard recalls that pets are prohibited by the roommate contract (except for the sight of eye dogs and cybernetic monkeys). In the same season of «The Zazzy Substitution,» Sheldon buys 25 cats. Thoughts about his possible oversight or ignorance of his own ridiculous document? To add, he reprimanded Leonard for breaking the same document, but Leonard didn`t answer the «favorite,» if you will. Penny: A little. All right.

Let me clarify things. You move in with this guy, he makes you sign a ridiculous roommate contract, then he goes to your room while you do this Joyce Kim, and you still stay? That`s the temperature you approved in the roommate contract. Leonard: Aw, screw up the roommate contract! Past Sheldon: You don`t have a voice. It`s one-on-one. And after the roommate agreement, I settled all the ties. Sheldon is still exempt from the rules of the roommate contract. There are many episodes in which he exploits these flaws, with him, who takes advantage of the relationship agreement with Amy. The roommate agreement has been drafted in such a way that almost always everything will swing in its favor. Basically, he can do whatever he wants, really. So if he wants to buy cats, he can buy cats. The roommate agreement was in effect for most of the show; But since Sheldon moved in with Amy in Penny`s old apartment, it can be assumed that the agreement is no longer in effect.

Sheldon: (Voice off): Let me tell you that two degrees can be the difference between water and steam. Leonard: Well, I did public research at the time, you know, the army, the rocket fuel. It`s a little secret. In one episode, for example, Howard and Sheldon compete for cricket. Howard then talks in detail about his hobby in childhood, catching and categorizing insects. In other episodes, Penny is the one who has to pass and kill spiders or other insects, even if Howard is present. Past Leonard: Okay, I got it with you. You might be an expert in theoretical physics and science fiction and where to sit on a freaking couch, but that`s applied physics. And when it comes to applied physics… Uh-oh.

Past Leonard: If people don`t get in there, and you`re people, and… You`re human, aren`t you? Make a joke. Past Leonard: Excuse me, but I`ve been working on it for a long time. Believe me, it`s going to work. Passing through Leonardo (Apartment of Enter. It`s naked, except on two lawn chairs, a television and a few whiteboards: Oh, it`s pretty beautiful. Are the rooms back? Past Howard: No, but if you keep yelling, maybe they`ll hear you! Penny: Okay, Babydoll Pink, let`s see if you can cover the fact that I had my dad`s feet.