Ugvcl Solar Net Metering Agreement

This facility will generate an average of 250 units of electricity per month and power the grid. Because of the net measurement, you are now charged for 600 – 250 -350 units per month, and therefore your new fortnightly bill after installing solar like How can I get 2kw solar roof installation where I tell to get this? You decide to install on your roof the maximum photovoltaic installation allowed, which is half of your sanctioned load or 2 kW. It`ll cost you 1 68,000 euros. You will receive the maximum grant of 20,000 EUROS from the state government, which makes the actual cost of your solar installation 1.48,000 EUROS US. Solar Rooftop is a good way to invest your money – as this article shows, if you have a shadowless roof, you can install a solar power plant, save money on your electricity bill and thus earn good returns on your investment. Rooftop solar has reduced your electricity bill by 8,447 USD – 4,629 USD – 3,818 USD every two months and 22,908 USD per year. This implies a simple return on investment (ROI) of 15.5% per year. Because the APPC is quite low, the oversize of the rooftop solar installation does not offer many financial benefits. We recommend Gujarat electricity consumer size their system to generate only as much as their average monthly consumption. In practice, the 50% limit on the sanctioned load will likely be reached before the consumption-based size. Consumers who use air conditioning have big differences between summer and winter electricity bills. If solar installation is measured in terms of average use, these prosumers end up paying electricity bills at higher rates in the summer and will be compensated for additional production at lower rates or APPC rates during the winter months.

Such prosumers might be worth oversizing their solar system depending on how they want to reduce their summer bills. Contact us today to start the solar installation on the roof of Gujarat! Some additional financial benefits of installing solar roof: From system planning to commissioning, Oorjan can offer a turnkey solution to help you go to solar power. If you have little cash, Oorjan can also help you with bank financing. Use our convenient solar size calculator and supply generator to find the size of the installation and the cost of your application. Gujarat is blessed with an abundance of sunshine – the entire state has an overall horizontal irradiation of more than 5.5 kWh/m2/day, which is even very high in global comparison. Gujarat has been a pioneer in innovative concepts such as solar panels on irrigation canals. As of March 31, 2016, Gujarat had 1,100 MW of photovoltaic installations installed. This year, under the 2015 directive, geDA introduced rooftop solar installation for individual electricity consumers.

The GERC rules for network measurement apply to the five DISCOMs. You can write to me at for full details. Short for commercial implementation can take advantage of the benefits of AD and massive savings, but reduce grid consumption using solar energy. Connection Agreement for Housing and Government Candidates Up to 50% Interconnection Contract for Industry, Commercial and Other Consumers Does Not Use a «Renewable» Attribute for RPO – REC More than 50% of MSME connection contract for industry, Commerce and other consumers have not used the «renewable» attribute for the RPO Interconnection – REC for Industry, Trade and other consumers use a «renewable» attribute to comply with the RPO Interconnection Agreement for industry, trade and other consumers of «renewable» attributes under the REC mechanism The net effect of the above certificates would reduce effective performance by 2.5% per year.