Siast Collective Agreement

The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology conducts a market study within 90 days of ratification of this agreement. The criteria and principles of the studies will be defined through meaningful consultations between the parties and the study will serve as a basis for the next round of negotiations. Email from Dr. Robert McCulloch, criticized by EMSS and SIAST staff for improper interference in the collective bargaining process. On-campus parking is expected to revert to the process put in place prior to January 1, 2011. All parking fees charged to staff up to the date of ratification are refundable. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology must provide employees with a one-time lump sum payment of $420 per employee, prorated for non-full-time employees, in exchange for the union`s agreement, withdraw all political complaints and complaints about unfair labour practices regarding the parking issue. «The employer does not have the right to make unilateral decisions and make those decisions directly from the union members on whom they can vote. The collective bargaining process in this province is corrupt if this type of activity is considered acceptable. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology agrees to create a Flex Personal Expense Account that provides the opportunity to obtain professional development expenses based on zero net costs to the employer.

The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology and the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees` Union agree that costs are set by mutual agreement and based on current actual professional development expenditures. Contributions are subject to the percentage salary increases in effect in the current collective agreement. The Parties agree to meet within 10 working days of ratification to discuss implementation issues. A 36-month extension agreement, which entered into force from 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2012, was concluded in January 2012 during the mediation phase. Duration of negotiations – 34 months. All current market exchanges available to deal with recruitment/engagement issues must be reviewed within 90 days of ratification through meaningful consultation with the Academic Bargaining Unit. The new scholarships cannot be implemented without the mutual agreement of the parties. «We are thinking about how best to respond to Bob McCulloch`s interference in the collective bargaining process. There is no doubt that this pressure tactic has further polarized the parties. We can only question the advice that the SIAST president must receive from provincial government officials,» Steele adds. The communication stated that retroactive salary increases would be denied to SAD members from February 19 if they had not ratified a collective agreement by that date.

A long train station, equal to 5.0% of the maximum rate, is included in each pay scale to recognize employees with 15 years of service (unchanged). Employees should contact their direct supervisor on Monday, November 2.