Us Hong Kong Agreement

Hong Kong, even after the transfer of sovereignty in 1997, which marked the end of British rule, continues to deal separately from the People`s Republic of China. The United States has important economic and political interests in Hong Kong. The United States supports Hong Kong`s autonomy through the conclusion and implementation of bilateral agreements; trade and investment promotion; organize high-level visits; strengthening law enforcement cooperation; strengthen educational, academic and cultural ties; and the support of the large community of American citizens and visitors. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department said it informed Hong Kong on Wednesday that Washington had suspended or denounced three bilateral agreements with the semi-autonomous city after China passed a comprehensive national security law. It was not immediately clear which agreements had been suspended and which had been formally terminated, although other Western nations that have taken similar steps have suspended their extradition agreements with Hong Kong. President Donald Trump had previously said that Hong Kong was no longer eligible for continued preferential treatment from the United States. The three agreements concern the surrender of refugees, the transfer and sentencing of convicted prisoners, as well as reciprocal tax exemptions on income from international shipping. The Trump administration on Wednesday suspended or denounced three bilateral agreements with Hong Kong related to extradition and tax exemptions, the latest in a series of measures that ease tensions between Washington and Beijing. «The Chinese Communist Party has chosen to break the freedoms and autonomy of the people of Hong Kong,» Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said on Twitter. «Because of the CCP`s actions, we are announcing or suspending three of our bilateral agreements with the region.» The Hong Kong government said the US decision to end the agreements was «a lack of respect for bilateralism and multilateralism under the current government and should be condemned by the international community.» .